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 * vim:ts=8:expandtab
 * i3 - an improved dynamic tiling window manager
 * (c) 2009 Michael Stapelberg and contributors
 * See file LICENSE for license information.
#ifndef _XCB_H
#define _XCB_H

#include "data.h"

#define _NET_WM_STATE_REMOVE    0
#define _NET_WM_STATE_ADD       1
#define _NET_WM_STATE_TOGGLE    2

/* This is the equivalent of XC_left_ptr. I’m not sure why xcb doesn’t have a constant for that. */
#define XCB_CURSOR_LEFT_PTR     68

/* from X11/keysymdef.h */
#define XCB_NUM_LOCK                    0xff7f

/* The event masks are defined here because we don’t only set them once but we need to set slight
   variations of them (without XCB_EVENT_MASK_ENTER_WINDOW while rendering the layout) */
/* The XCB_CW_EVENT_MASK for the child (= real window) */
                          XCB_EVENT_MASK_STRUCTURE_NOTIFY | \

/* The XCB_CW_EVENT_MASK for its frame */
#define FRAME_EVENT_MASK (XCB_EVENT_MASK_BUTTON_PRESS |          /* …mouse is pressed/released */ \
                          XCB_EVENT_MASK_BUTTON_RELEASE | \
                          XCB_EVENT_MASK_EXPOSURE |              /* …our window needs to be redrawn */ \
                          XCB_EVENT_MASK_STRUCTURE_NOTIFY |      /* …the frame gets destroyed */ \
                          XCB_EVENT_MASK_SUBSTRUCTURE_REDIRECT | /* …the application tries to resize itself */ \
                          XCB_EVENT_MASK_SUBSTRUCTURE_NOTIFY |   /* …subwindows get notifies */ \
                          XCB_EVENT_MASK_ENTER_WINDOW)           /* …user moves cursor inside our window */

enum { _NET_SUPPORTED = 0,

extern unsigned int xcb_numlock_mask;

 * Loads a font for usage, getting its height. This function is used very often, so it
 * maintains a cache.
i3Font *load_font(xcb_connection_t *conn, const char *pattern);

 * Returns the colorpixel to use for the given hex color (think of HTML).
 * The hex_color has to start with #, for example #FF00FF.
 * NOTE that get_colorpixel() does _NOT_ check the given color code for validity.
 * This has to be done by the caller.
uint32_t get_colorpixel(xcb_connection_t *conn, char *hex);

 * Convenience wrapper around xcb_create_window which takes care of depth, generating an ID and checking
 * for errors.
xcb_window_t create_window(xcb_connection_t *conn, Rect r, uint16_t window_class, int cursor,
                           uint32_t mask, uint32_t *values);

 * Changes a single value in the graphic context (so one doesn’t have to define an array of values)
void xcb_change_gc_single(xcb_connection_t *conn, xcb_gcontext_t gc, uint32_t mask, uint32_t value);

 * Draws a line from x,y to to_x,to_y using the given color
void xcb_draw_line(xcb_connection_t *conn, xcb_drawable_t drawable, xcb_gcontext_t gc,
                   uint32_t colorpixel, uint32_t x, uint32_t y, uint32_t to_x, uint32_t to_y);

 * Draws a rectangle from x,y with width,height using the given color
void xcb_draw_rect(xcb_connection_t *conn, xcb_drawable_t drawable, xcb_gcontext_t gc,
                   uint32_t colorpixel, uint32_t x, uint32_t y, uint32_t width, uint32_t height);

 * Generates a configure_notify event and sends it to the given window
 * Applications need this to think they’ve configured themselves correctly.
 * The truth is, however, that we will manage them.
void fake_configure_notify(xcb_connection_t *conn, Rect r, xcb_window_t window);

 * Generates a configure_notify_event with absolute coordinates (relative to the X root
 * window, not to the client’s frame) for the given client.
void fake_absolute_configure_notify(xcb_connection_t *conn, Client *client);

 * Finds out which modifier mask is the one for numlock, as the user may change this.
void xcb_get_numlock_mask(xcb_connection_t *conn);


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