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 * vim:ts=8:expandtab
 * i3 - an improved dynamic tiling window manager
 * © 2009 Michael Stapelberg and contributors
 * See file LICENSE for license information.
 * include/config.h: Contains all structs/variables for
 * the configurable part of i3

#ifndef _CONFIG_H
#define _CONFIG_H

#include "queue.h"

typedef struct Config Config;
extern Config config;

struct Colortriple {
        uint32_t border;
        uint32_t background;
        uint32_t text;

struct Variable {
        char *key;
        char *value;

        SLIST_ENTRY(Variable) variables;

struct Config {
        const char *terminal;
        const char *font;

        /** The modifier which needs to be pressed in combination with your mouse
         * buttons to do things with floating windows (move, resize) */
        uint32_t floating_modifier;

        /* Color codes are stored here */
        struct config_client {
                struct Colortriple focused;
                struct Colortriple focused_inactive;
                struct Colortriple unfocused;
        } client;
        struct config_bar {
                struct Colortriple focused;
                struct Colortriple unfocused;
        } bar;

 * Reads the configuration from ~/.i3/config or /etc/i3/config if not found.
 * If you specify override_configpath, only this path is used to look for a
 * configuration file.
void load_configuration(xcb_connection_t *conn, const char *override_configfile);


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